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Back to the Fire ep.21 w/ Cameron Strouss / Deep Roots Apothike and Clinc

Host: Kily Payne
Guest: Cameron Strouss

Cameron and I meet up at Eclipse in Montevallo to talk about Ecology, Environmentalism, and Herbalism. Cameron is a UM grad and she runs Deep Roots Apotheke and Clinic.

Deep Roots Apotheke & Clinic and on facebook

Buckminster Fuller plus a documentary

Ecology as Politics The whole book is available online!

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Back To The Fire Ep.20

Host: Kily Payne

Guests: Alex Norman, Nabih Iqal

Alex and Nabih on the show

really loose casual episode with rambling

starts off light then toward the end we get heavy.

Holidays and music

tech and the times and how its shaping creative output and the coming singularity

after an hour or so we start to wrap up but then instead we circle back around and touch on a few topics again

Cartoons animation

All in all this episodes going to be around 2 hours and a few minutes

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It’s About Time Ep.25— Bachelor Party



Producers: Charlie James & Steven Cardinal


Steve has found himself a bride, even if just for a day. That means it’s time for all the trappings of a wedding, including a bachelor party in classic Vegas style. While Steve and Charlie try to stay out of trouble, Anna and Erica get into some trouble of their own as they start to put the pieces together regarding Lester Lyle’s odd Guatemalan phone calls. This ain’t no hangover, this is a Bachelor Party!

It’s About Time Ep.24— The Great Wall



Producers: Charlie James & Steven Cardinal


Some people will go a very Long Wei just to run a very long way. And then there’s family. For which we also will travel a long way. All that’s to say that a visit to China and the Great Wall are in store for a pair of intrepid travelers. Oh, and Steve still needs to find a bride before the End of Days. Confused? Tune in and we’ll clear it all up.

It’s About Time Ep.23— When They Were Kings



Producers: Charlie James & Steven Cardinal


We all know how some people take great pride in their lineage. When a trip to the Middle Ages reveals Charlie’s true heritage, it’s a race for the throne of England, but can Charlie hold onto it while surrounded by enemies? Can Steve keep the castle safe for One Knight Only? Only one way to find out!

Mod Love Ep. 16— Dating for the socially awkward with Harris O’Malley aka Dr. Nerdlove


Hosts: Jodi Riley & Steven Cardinal


In this episode we talk with Harris O’Malley aka Dr. Nerdlove. He chats with us about his experiences with the pick up world and how he is helping nerds get the girl. He also tells us about his latest book “New Game +”. Steve and I discuss how different interests and passions work well in a relationship and if men are really threatened by intelligent and ambitious women.

It’s About Time Ep.22— Take Me Out To The Ballgame



Producers: Charlie James & Steven Cardinal


Pages of the calendar float by like leaves in the wind and the Boys of Summer turn their thoughts to the Fall Classic. That’s right, we’re talking baseball – America’s Favorite Game. Arguably, of course. When a friendly office softball game heats up, though, where do the folks at It’s About Time Travel Agency turn? Tune in to find out how Babe Ruth really got traded to the Yankees. Now, Take Me Out to the Ballgame!

It’s About Time Ep.21— Rome If You Want To



Producers: Charlie James & Steven Cardinal


With things patched up between Charlie and Stephanie, all that’s left is setting a date. Any date, really. Meanwhile, Steve takes a client on a bender through ancient Rome. Will she give him the experience of a lifetime or is she just lyin?

Mod Love Ep. 15— Dr Robert Schug – Recognizing a psychopath before you date one


Hosts: Jodi Riley & Steven Cardinal


Have you ever looked at an ex and thought, “OMG he/she is a psychopath?” In this episode, Dr. Robert Schug from USC Long Beach, who is an expert on psychopaths, discusses how to recognize psychopaths before you date them. We also chat about how adversity in a relationship can make it stronger and help a listener who has a mental illness and wants to date.

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