Mondo Rodeo Ep.3: Utopian Blooz pt. 2

The conclusion of the Them Natives Retrospective; “A nightmare in hell” explores the tedium of post-tour accomplishments and features selections from 2009-present including “Damned River”, “Blues Lawyer”, as well as our newest project “Alabama Bound”. In this section the intention of the band noticeably shifts into an acceptance of cultural forms and even an immersion in local artistic influences. I believe that throughout this compilation many listeners will have a better understanding of the process of artistic development in the southeast region, and the importance of acceptance that comes with it.

Mondo Rodeo Ep.2: Utopian Blooz pt.1


This is part 1 of 2 part series documenting the 10 year span of Them Natives recordings. It contains material from 2004-2008, consisting of our early release under the moniker Holy Spirit, the absurd comedy album “Mumble Trails”, AC Temple experimental jam sessions, our triad of tour releases from the “Tour of Tears”. The point of this compilation is to expose the development of relationships over time through musical exploration. In this chapter it will be evident that this outfit has the ability to transform dramatically depending on the players, influences, and resources. Nothing was predetermined, planned, or envisioned, and in retrospect the compilation of this material describes an arc that contemporary musicians and artists might find resourceful. All in all, this combination of material expresses our journey through adolescent humor and rage to a ritualized resistance of Western Civilization and an embrace of Native American culture and understanding.


Mondo Rodeo Ep.1: Bad Weather Blooz

Host: Milton Ragsdale

Episode 1: Bad Weather Blooz; This episode, culled from the deadly Alabama Ice Storm of 2015 features live recordings of the legendary Lil Howlin Wolf, a myth of a man whose accomplishments are too secret to extrapolate. Also included in this episode is the movie preview for “Bananahead”, premiering at Canned Filmed Festival this winter, a live recording of Hurricanes of Love, as well as special live recordings of Nyx, and Them  Natives.

The Pit of Ultimate Dark Shadows Ep. 1- Parapsychology


Creator: Daryl Wor

Condensed Re-write of “Dark Shadows”, adding new characters along the way to help solve problems and lift curses. Begins post Maggie Evans kidnapping, and Willie Loomis going to Wyndcliff. A familiar Butler applies for work at The Old House and knows more than he will let on. (Let me know if you want to the info to which episodes apply to the different fandoms so if you want those specific bits I can tell you. I know it’s gotten rather wildly Multi-fandom. Just leave a comment asking for which you’d like.) Positive feedback, including laughter and highlights, can be posted in the comment box. Thanks!

It’s About Time Ep.1— Help Wanted


Producers: Charlie James & Steven Cardinal

When a mysterious man from her past shows up unexpectedly, Anna is forced to flee, leaving Steve and Charlie to guard her secret. What could go wrong?

Mod Love Ep. 1— Love at First Sight: The Myth

Hosts: Jodi Riley & Steven Cardinal

We kick the show off discussing the lack of trust men may have for women, followed by a listener question about a guy who presses for a relationship and then Swayzes. Steve takes on people who set the bar way too high when judging potential dates in Straight Talk. The feature segment discusses the myth of love at first sight and then Anne helps a person who want to start over but doesn’t feel ready in our Soul Mate segment.

Pulp-Pourri Theatre 1-03 — By Order of Buck Brady


Monolith Promos

Here is a preview of our upcoming shows!


I Just Wanna Talk! Ep. 3

Episode 3.

Host: Arky Shea

I Just Wanna Talk! Ep. 2

Episode 2.

Host: Arky Shea

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