Back To The Fire Ep.14 w/ Ryan N.

Host: Kily Payne
Guest: Ryan Nordness

I meet up with Ryan to have the sex talk… or a sex talk… an alt. sex talk. Ryan recently published a paper on sexual behavior and shares with us some of his findings and experiences in conducting his research. We also briefly cover the history of sex research, the differences and overlaps within BDSM and Kink communities.

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Back To The Fire Ep.13 /w Seth Nabih & Kel

Host: Kily Payne
Guests: Seth, Nabih, Kel

A group of us, all in our mid-twenties, all having grown up in the south, talk about the influence of technology on us personally and as a society.


Graphs & Charts on internet demographics and usage statistics:




Online voting:


Information Transparency:
3d Printing:


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Back to the Fire ep.12 w/ Jacquie

I go down to Montevallo to hang out and talk with Jacquie about upcoming projects, personal histories, names, the consequences of technology in society, futurism, and other topical ramblings. This is the first time we have gotten a chance to speak with one another and I’m sure it wont be the last.
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Back to the Fire ep.11 w/ Kelly

Host: Kily Payne
Guest: Kelly

In this episode I sit down with my near, dear friend and partner Kelly. We go over our history together and I ask Kelly a bit about how our paths crossed and have come to intertwine with one another. We talk about Mobile, Mardi-Gras, identity and identifiers, our relationship, and role play.

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Back to the Fire ep10 w/ Sheep Sheers

Host: Kily Payne
Guest: Sheep Sheers

Sheep and I sit down for some coffee after a punk show. We talk about art and what it means to the two of us sitting at the table. I took the liberty of cutting in some clips of Francis Bacon talking about his process because I felt like it fit (How can you not get Bacon at waffle house )After the first thirty minutes or so we go off topic and pick each others brains a bit.

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Back to the Fire ep9 w/ Jeff & Bob

Host: Kily Payne
Guests: Jeff Not Bombs, Bob

In this Episode I talk with my friends Jeff and Bob. Two influences to my political views. I feel like the three of us stand out as examples of what it means to be ‘radical’ coming from three different generations. These two are always educating themselves and others about what is happening in the world. We cover current events, recent history, eventually delving deeper.

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Back to the Fire ep8 w/ Kyle Weems

Host: Kily Payne
Guest: Kyle Weems

I catch up with my friend Kyle. We talk a good deal about music and affects us , how we have an intuitive learning to want to understand / imitate / and create. I paused the recorder at one point and lost maybe twenty minutes of audio. oops. I hope you enjoy our conversation.

Check out his stuff

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Back to the Fire Ep.7 w/ Ben Reid

Host: Kily Payne
Guest: Ben Reed

I sit down for some coffee and a chat with my friend Ben Reid on a cool summer day. We talk about Bike Culture in Birmingham and its growing presence. We give our opinion on a few news stories relating to Birmingham like the Food Truck Ordnance and mysterious graffiti on found on churches. We close out on the subject of dreams.

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Back to the Fire Ep.6 w/ Jordan Rickerson

Host: Kily Payne
Guest: Jordan Rickerson

I sit down for a nice chat on a hot summers day with my friend Jordan Rickerson, lead vocalist and songwriter for The Dizzy. We talk a bit about the EP they just released and the so called “scene” in Birmingham. Enjoy!

Links for The Dizzy

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Back to the Fire Ep.5 w/ Sheep Sheers

Host: Kily Payne
Guest: Sheep Sheers

Sheep is one in a billion, Much like Dr Gonzo from Fear and Loathing ” Hes One of God’s own prototypes. A high-powered mutant of some kind never even considered for mass production. ” which really is a shame because I think the world would be a better place with more people like sheep, or at the very least a lot more interesting.

We talk about walking through cemeteries, urban exploration, salvia divinorum, horror tripping, art, and then circle back around to clowns again.

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