It’s About Time Ep.20— Now That’s What I Call Podcasting!



Producers: Charlie James & Steven Cardinal


With Charlie’s love life down the tubes it seems like a good time to take up a hobby. Can he resolve things with Stephanie in record time? In other news, Steve is off through the portal for a little Down Under action with McNish. Can a hot spring turn into a cool summer?

Mod Love Ep. 14— If the Buddha Dated with Charlotte Kasl


Hosts: Jodi Riley & Steven Cardinal


For this episode we had a very special guest, Dr. Charlotte Kasl author of If the Buddha Dated. We discussed how to date in a more conscious way and other concepts from the book. We also helped a listener who has given up on dating and wants her friends to leave her alone about it and 3 common relationship mistakes that couples make.

Mod Love Ep. 13— Date-onomics and the man deficit with author Jon Birger


Hosts: Jodi Riley & Steven Cardinal


Are you in a city that has a “man deficit”? Then you don’t want to miss this show! Date-onomics author Jon Birger joins us on the show and shares his thoughts on why there is a man deficit and what women can do if they live in an area where there are more women than men.

It’s About Time Ep.19— Rockettes Red Glare Part II



Producers: Charlie James & Steven Cardinal


A client gets mixed up with a Communist plot to take over the United States during the Cold War. Can Steve and Charlie save both her and the future of America? Will Lady Liberty show her true colors? Tune in to the second part of The Rockettes Red Glare.

It’s About Time Ep.18— Rockettes Red Glare Part I



Producers: Charlie James & Steven Cardinal


When a young dancer wants to hit it big, Steve and Charlie send her back to the 60s to become a Rockette at Radio City Music Hall. She’s not the only one with a particular desire to tap into stardom, though. Can the Red Menace be stopped from crushing the dreams of starlets everywhere? Join us in the first half of a two-part Cold War extravaganza in The Rockettes Red Glare!

It’s About Time Ep.17— Beyond Endurance

Producers: Charlie James & Steven Cardinal

Tired of being relegated to time travel tourists with nothing to bring back but memories, Steve and Charlie decide to seek out the keys to controlling the portals. Can they succeed in earnest or will their goals get put on ice?


Back to the Fire Ep.19 w/ Shea Stevenson

Host: Kily Payne

Guest: Shea Stevenson

Find Shea at Nyxnoise

In this episode we cover “noise” in Birmingham. The creative process. Shea’s philosophy for music/noise. And last but not least, Anarchism of the “primitivist” leaning (if I may use that identifier.)

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It’s About Time Ep.16— Deep Note



Producers: Charlie James & Steven Cardinal


Things at the travel agency are finally back to normal. Or are they? Margie is still trapped in time, Charlie’s in love, and Steve… Wait! Steve’s getting married? It’s going to take some of the most renowned masters of romance in history to figure this one out.

Back to the Fire Ep. 18 w/ Nat Yonce

Host: Kily Payne

Guest: Nat Yonce

Hey everyone, Welcome back to the fire. I’m Kily Payne and in todays episode I get to talk with the witty and charismatic Nat Yonce. I first met nat though my good old friend Alex Norman. Back in high school Alex bridged our oak mountain crew with the spain park and vestavia hills folks. Atleast that how I remember it. Nat has gone on to study in Dublin and has a degree in Audio engineering, He writes and records music, and has produced a few radio dramas. I even heard that He has worked with Syleveter Mcoy the 7th Dr. on Dr Who. Nat is currently in Chatanooga TN, doing what most of us young creative types are trying to do, namely stay a float and make a few waves at the same time.

Ok so this conversation you are about to hear, we do a bit of catching up, talking about where we have been and what we have done as well as where we would like to go. We talk shop a little bit covering some of the nuances of our respective fields. Towards the end we get around to a subject I was hoping we would get to cover.

So back in high school Nat played the mascot at his school. The vestavia hills Rebels. This rebel is depicted as an old white southern gentry. This imagery is exclusionary to many students and is not reflective of todays values and ideals. Nat tells us a little about his experience playing the Rebel man and what happened when he tried to speak out against the continued use of that symbol.

Nat Yonce Soundcloud

Vestavia hills mascot to be rebranded

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It’s About Time Ep.15— Off the Clock



Producers: Charlie James & Steven Cardinal


Steve has been sprung from jail, but Anna is still missing, and Margie is lost as well. Charlie showed some quick thinking to get his partner free, but can he put all the pieces together before it’s too late? As long as the travel agency is close, Charlie and Steve are Off the Clock!

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