Mondo Rodeo Ep.2: Utopian Blooz pt.1


This is part 1 of 2 part series documenting the 10 year span of Them Natives recordings. It contains material from 2004-2008, consisting of our early release under the moniker Holy Spirit, the absurd comedy album “Mumble Trails”, AC Temple experimental jam sessions, our triad of tour releases from the “Tour of Tears”. The point of this compilation is to expose the development of relationships over time through musical exploration. In this chapter it will be evident that this outfit has the ability to transform dramatically depending on the players, influences, and resources. Nothing was predetermined, planned, or envisioned, and in retrospect the compilation of this material describes an arc that contemporary musicians and artists might find resourceful. All in all, this combination of material expresses our journey through adolescent humor and rage to a ritualized resistance of Western Civilization and an embrace of Native American culture and understanding.