Mondo Rodeo Ep.2: Utopian Blooz pt.1


This is part 1 of 2 part series documenting the 10 year span of Them Natives recordings. It contains material from 2004-2008, consisting of our early release under the moniker Holy Spirit, the absurd comedy album “Mumble Trails”, AC Temple experimental jam sessions, our triad of tour releases from the “Tour of Tears”. The point of this compilation is to expose the development of relationships over time through musical exploration. In this chapter it will be evident that this outfit has the ability to transform dramatically depending on the players, influences, and resources. Nothing was predetermined, planned, or envisioned, and in retrospect the compilation of this material describes an arc that contemporary musicians and artists might find resourceful. All in all, this combination of material expresses our journey through adolescent humor and rage to a ritualized resistance of Western Civilization and an embrace of Native American culture and understanding.


Mondo Rodeo Ep.1: Bad Weather Blooz

Host: Milton Ragsdale

Episode 1: Bad Weather Blooz; This episode, culled from the deadly Alabama Ice Storm of 2015 features live recordings of the legendary Lil Howlin Wolf, a myth of a man whose accomplishments are too secret to extrapolate. Also included in this episode is the movie preview for “Bananahead”, premiering at Canned Filmed Festival this winter, a live recording of Hurricanes of Love, as well as special live recordings of Nyx, and Them  Natives.

STI: 001

Submissions for this transmission:

A live recording of Ducking Joel  by Joel Nelson

First Meditation  by Feral Child

Third Meditation  by Feral Child

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Back To The Fire Ep.14 w/ Ryan N.

Host: Kily Payne
Guest: Ryan Nordness

I meet up with Ryan to have the sex talk… or a sex talk… an alt. sex talk. Ryan recently published a paper on sexual behavior and shares with us some of his findings and experiences in conducting his research. We also briefly cover the history of sex research, the differences and overlaps within BDSM and Kink communities.

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Monolith Promos

Here is a preview of our upcoming shows!


Website Migration in Progress

We are moving up in the world, and the Google rankings…Anyway, between now and June 1st we will be tweaking the website. We had the official, unofficial launch a few days ago to let people in the community know what we have planned and to let everyone know there is still plenty of room for everyone. Over the next few days we will be uploading our final promos and planning the production schedule for the upcoming summer season which will run from June 1st  to August 30th.

Sunday April 19th

RECORDING SESSION from 12 noon until 7pm


#6 55th Place

We are having an open recording sessions this Sunday for several projects and we need voice actors!

Casting for




5 Radio Drama’s

Scripts run anywhere from 30 seconds to 15 minutes.

Recording sessions runs from 12 noon – 7pm

The day will go as follows

3 casting sessions, 12, 2 and 4pm

Each session will consist of

1) Actor sign in

2) Table read,

3) Rehearsal

4) Vocal Warm ups, Speed Read

5) Recording

We will have three recording booths set up to record productions simultaneously. Recordings will start at 2, some will only take 5 minutes, some 20 minutes. Actors and Actresses will not be required to sit around all day. Once the casting session is over we will know the full schedule for the day and assign you a specific time frame.

We will have 2 booths set up for commercials, PSA’s and one larger booth set up for the longer radio dramas.

To sign up early email us at

subject: PROMO

Now Casting for the Mono Radio Players

Radio drama is going to be a very important part of our programming. As such, I have already landed some new scripts from all over the world (BBC writers, Canadian Playwrights, and several home grown dramatists looking to produce new material). In order to produce new drama we are going to need to put together our own radio troupe. A radio troupe is a lot like a theatre troupe only the commitment is much less time consuming. I have spent several years working with both theatre companies and radio troupes, the latter is about 90% less stressful.

Live theatre takes several months and countless dollars to stage. With radio drama all it takes is 2 table  reads, 2 rehearsals and then a short recording session. At most you are looking at about a total of  10 hours per show over the course of a few weeks. Anyone who has done live theatre knows that with a traditional production it takes about  300 or so hours to prepare for a new show,  and that’s not even including tech week and previews.

We will have an open casting session that will run several weekends in March. If this is something you are interested in please, fill out the form and we will email you when the time comes. We need men and women of all ages, there will be no “memorization” ,  no physical training. The only thing required is that you can read from a page with confidence. It’s really not that hard. I hate acting and I have personally been in a dozen or so radio productions. It’s way less terrifying than being on stage.

So if you have ever had any interest in acting but hate the idea of standing in front of hundreds of strangers this is perfect for you.


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Launching June 1 2015

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